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3 Tips for Dealing with Client REJECTION

Swallow Your Pride and FACE the Client Who's Rejected You.

There's no doubt about it. Rejection stings.

Yet, hearing that a client chose to hire someone else over you can be an eye-opening experience.



Here are three tips for turning rejection into a prized learning opportunity.

1. Despite rejection, continue pursuing the client relationship.

Just because prospects won't hire you doesn't mean they don't like you. It also doesn't mean they won't meet with you.

After losing out on the first business opportunity, put your game face on and request a meeting. Invite the prospect to lunch to find out how he or she arrived at the decision not to hire you.

If you choose not to make contact, you are destined to keep repeating the same errors. And you certainly won't get any business in the future.

2. Don't interpret "no" to mean "never."

Permanent rejections are rare.

If you were not hired, it probably means that your services are not needed right now. But keep in mind, that you may be needed down the road, so be sure to keep in touch with the prospect.

3. An objection is not rejection!

Clients who dispute your fees or the way you do business aren't rejecting you. They are simply raising an objection. Don't over think the situation and write-off the client. Listen to their objections and ask: "What could we do better next time to win your business?"

The more you learn about what clients want, the more likely you are to get their business the next time.

So when you're hit with rejection, take a step back, put your pride in the back seat and ask the kind of questions that will teach you what to do differently and BETTER in the future.

Turn a negative situation into a positive, learning experience! And above all, STAY IN TOUCH WITH THE PROSPECT! He will admire your tenacity and value your relationship. That opens the door to future success!

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