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Secrets to Email Marketing Success

Entice Your Reader with these 10 Email Marketing Tips

Did you know that email marketing is FASTER, MORE EFFICIENT and COST EFFECTIVE than any other direct marketing vehicle?

It's true!

Email marketing is one of the best ways to promote your practice - if it's done correctly.

Harry Mills, author of The Rainmaker's Toolkit, offers these 10 email marketing tips that will help make your campaign a smashing success.

1. Establish your marketing goals.

Start by listing specific, measurable and trackable goals you plan to achieve.

For example, calculate the number of leads you want to generate.

2. Segment your market.

Who do you want to communicate with? Identify the target group of prospects you want to influence.

3. Specify your call to action.

What do you want your readers to do?

Visit a specific Web page?

Sign up for a survey?

Respond to an invitation?

4. Choose an appropriate message format.

Before you hit send, preview your message in a number of different formats (ie text, HTML, Rich Media).

Each format has different pros and cons, so be sure to spend some time reviewing each one.

5. Write and design your content.

A persuasive message must be personalized, easy to read, relevant, and benefit-oriented.

Don't forget to include a privacy policy and an unsubscribe mechanism.

6. Estimate the number of mailings.

Campaigns often work better when they consist of a number of related messages spaced over time. These need to be planned.

7. Measure your responses.

Keep track of who is responding to your mailing or call to action by investing in software that can measure what you need.

eLawMarketing is one outsourcer that offers full tracking and analysis packages.

8. Be prepared to handle many responses.

If your campaign is successful, you may become overwhelmed with email responses and/or phone calls. This is a good thing, but be sure to have the resources in place to handle the boom in responses.

9. Plan for bounces.

20% of your messages will come back as "bounced messages." These types of messages come in two forms:

  • Hard bounces - email address doesn't exist.
  • Soft bounces - recipient's server is down or their mailbox is full.

Hard bounces have to be deleted. Soft bounces have to be resent.

10. Test your message on a variety of platforms and systems.

Make sure that your message can be read by a variety of browsers and servers.

Remember, one of the secrets to a successful email marketing campaign is the message.

It should be clear AND handcrafted to entice the reader into taking action.

It takes just one click to open an email and GET THEIR ATTENTION!

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